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1999 San Diego Crew Classic

Code Explanation
ASH      Ashland Rowing Club
AUS Austin Rowing Club
BER Berkeley High School Crew
BLU Blue Jay Cafe
CAL University of California at Berkeley
CAM Cambridge Boat Club
CAN Rowing Canada
CAP Captain Robinson
CAP Capitol Crew
CHA Chapman College
CMA California Maritime Academy
COL Columbia University
CRA California Racing Club
CYC California Yacht Club
DON Don Rowing Club
DUK Duke University
FAT Fat Turtles Rowing Club
GON Gonzaga University
GOR Gorge Rowing Club
GRN Green Lake Rowing Club
HOL Holy Names
HUM Humboldt University
IND Indoor Rowing Club
INT Interlochen Rowing Club
IOW University of Iowa
JED Jedi Knights
KMR Kent Mitchell Rowing Club
LAK Lake Union Rowing Club
LAR Los Angeles Rowing Club
LBS Cal State University at Long Beach
LMR Lake Merritt Rowing Club
LNR Lake Natoma Rowing Club
LON Long Beach
LOO Lookout Rowing Club
LOS Los Gatos Rowing Club
LOY Loyola University
MAR Marin Rowing Association
MIC University of Michigan
MID Middlesex Rowing Club
MIN Minneapolis Rowing Club
MIS Mission Bay Rowing Club
MRA Marina Rowing Club
NEW Newport Rowing Association
NWH New Haven Rowing Club
OAK Oakland Strokes
OCC Orange Coast College
OHI Ohio State University
ORE Oregon Rowing
ORE University of Oregon
OSU Oregon State University
PAC Pacific Rowing Club
PEN University of Pennsylvania
PLU Pacific Lutheran University
POC Pocock Rowing Club
POR Portland Rowing Club
PRN Princeton University
PUG University of Puget Sound
RIV River City Rowing Club
ROC Rocky Mountain Rowing Club
SCU Santa Clara University
SDR San Diego Rowing Club
SDS San Diego State University
SEA Seattle Pacific University
SND Serra/Notre Dame High School Crews
SOU South Eugene
SRC Stanford Rowing Club
SSU Sacramento State University
STI St. Ignatius Crew
STM St. Mary's University
STN Stanford University
STY Style Driven Boat Club
TEM Temple University
TEX University of Texas
TRI Trinity College
UBC University of British Columbia
UGB University of California at Santa Barbara "B"
UCD University of California at Davis
UCG University of California at Santa Barbara
UCI University of California at  Irvine
UCL University of California at Los Angeles
UGA University of California at Santa Barbara "A"
UNC University of North Carolina
USA USA National Team
USC University of  Southern California
USD University of San Diego
VES Vesper West Boat Club
VIC Victoria City (CAN)
VIL Villanova University
VIR University of Virginia
WAS University of Washington
WHA Wharton Boat Club
WIL Willamette University
WIS University of Wisconsin
WSU Washington State University
WWU Western Washington University
WYA Wyandotte Rowing Club
YAL Yale University
ZLA ZLAC Rowing Club

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