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Course Conditions for Pac-10 Rowing Championships

May 14, 2000
Lake Natoma
Sacramento, California, USA


Throughout the entire morning (races 1 through 20 and 41) there was no wind and conditions were ideal. For the afternoon finals (races 21 through 40 and 42), the weather varied considerably due to an incoming weather front and storm. Specifically, there were varying direct headwinds for races 21 through 29 and 42. In races 30 through 35, the wind increased and shifted to a cross-headwind from the starboard, i.e. blowing from lane 7 toward lane 1, with heavy rain during races 34 and 35. The rain and wind stopped during races 36 through 38 and it was very calm and flat water once again. During the last two races 39 and 40 (the two varsity grand finals) the wind came up and was an increasing starboard tailwind, but the water was still flat.

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